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The Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association is a community of railfans from the United Kingdom aged 25 and under. If you're one too, why not register for a free YREA account? You can meet new people, share your opinions and join in with our free competitions and events. We can't wait to meet you.
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  • Welcome to the Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association

    The YREA is a community of railway enthusiasts based in the United Kingdom. All our members are aged 25 or below and are passionate about their hobby. If you are too, then we'd love you to join us! We host frequent competitions and events, and also have a busy online community sharing opinions, reviews, laughs, pictures and videos. What are you waiting for? Get your free account today.

  • Introducing the YREA

  • News & Updates

    • YREA Launches New Feature-Packed Website
      By Chris in News & Updates 0
      Today the Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association is delighted to announce the launch of it's new, feature-packed website. With a brand new modern look, the new design retains some of the features members said they loved; like a choice of railway backgrounds, and simple navigation. But we have also introduced some great new features that we'd like to tell you about. This is version 8 of the YREA for those of you who have been here since day one!
      Follow what you love.
      Our new website introduces the concept of followers to the YREA, which most members will be familiar with as a system like this is nowadays common on most social networks. You can now follow all sorts of content on our website, including:
      Our latest news and updates.A specific part of the community forum.A specific topic of discussion.A specific member.Our latest articles and blog entries.Simply click the follow button beside the content you're interested in. You will then receive either daily updates by email, or an instant visual notification on our website, whenever new content is posted - whichever is your preference. We hope this new feature will help our members to keep up-to-date with the content they care about.
      New blogging system.
      A new blogging system has been setup which we think offers a better way to display our articles. Content can be posted more frequently by more contributors, and members can follow the blogs for notifications of when new content is shared. Right now the blogging system is just being used as the new location for our news and updates feed, but we have already began the process of moving all of our reviews to this new location - and they will be uploaded very soon.
      New homepage.
      Our new homepage is designed to be two things; more informative for new visitors, and more useful for existing ones. It combines feeds of the latest content from the community in the form of status updates and popular discussions, with the latest news from YREA Management and information about the organisation and what it does. We think this provides a good balance, and hopefully creates a page where you can go to quickly find out what's popular in the YREA each time you visit.
      Improved mobile and tablet support.
      Our new website is now responsive, which means it will work well on your smartphone or tablet PC. We released this in response to feedback from members who wanted to use the YREA whilst on the move. For those members who like to access the forums using the Tapatalk app, this option has been retained.
      New support system and staff directory.
      We wanted to make getting in touch with the YREA team easier, because we like to hear your ideas and suggestions and we enjoy helping members when they have problems. We have updates the website to help achieve this in two different ways:
      Firstly, we have launched our new support system. Instead of guessing who to send an email to, this system allows you to submit a support request to us and we can pass it onto the right department. What's more, all the communication happens right here on the YREA website - so you get instant notification of replies and a record of your conversation with us that won't get lost.
      Secondly we have created a new staff directory, which will be very useful when you want to speak to someone specific. It lists everyone who volunteers at the YREA and tells you exactly what they do.
      And much much more.
      Here is a list of some of the other enhancements that we have made to the website during the latest upgrade - thanks for your patience whilst we got everything ready:
      Parts of the discussion forums with specific rules now have these clearly displayed in a yellow box at the top of the list of topics, which will make these rules easier to find and follow.A new selection of four website background images for you to choose from, retaining the most popular one from the previous website based on member's feedback.Various performance and security enhancements to ensure that the website runs smoothly and securely. Also a large upgrade to the software that runs the site to keep it up-to-date.If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions about the new website then please do not hesitate to share them with us via the Feedback & Suggestions Forum. If you are experiencing any problems with the website, submit a support request. Thank you for all the help we've already had with releasing this new website and we hope you enjoy the updated experience.
    • Sam Harris Wins Video Fest 2014
      By Chris in News & Updates 0

      We are very excited to be able to announce the winners of Video Fest 2014, the fifth annual film making competition from The Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association. As always, we received a fantastic selection of entries really showcasing the talent and creativity that our community has. But sadly there could only be three winners, and they were headed by our first prize winner Sam Harris from Uxbridge. Sam created a video entitled "What Railways Mean to Me". We thought it was really well recorded and put together, and learning about Sam's personal connection to the railways was really interesting.
      Sam won:
      A HST Cab Ride provided by East Midlands Trains.A pair of first class tickets for Grand Central.A pair of standard class tickets for First Great Western.A selection of London Midland and Grand Central merchandise.A Grand Central DVD.A £20 voucher for Armstrong Powerhouse.A £25 voucher for Rock Rail Scenarios.A £20 voucher for Dynamic Junction.A Transport for London Forum T-Shirt, Pen and Key Ring.A lifetime first class membership to the Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association.Our second prize winner is Sam Tugwell who made this video entitled "Welcome to My Station". We liked Sam's video because it was well shot and put together, and he had clearly done a lot of research about his station and it's history.
      Sam won:
      A MerseyRail Experience Day.A family Southern Daysave Ticket.A selection of London Midland and Grand Central merchandise.A £10 voucher for Rock Rail Scenarios.A £10 voucher for Dynamic Junction.A Transport for London Forum Pen and Key Ring.A one year first class membership to the Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association.The winner of third prize this year is Andy Eckersley, who like Sam Harris chose to name his video "What Railways Mean to Me". We enjoyed finding out about his personal goals within the railways and also enjoyed the mix between videos and photographs. Andy has won:
      A selection of London Midland and Grand Central merchandise.A £5 voucher for Rock Rail Scenarios.A £7.50 voucher for Dynamic Junction.A one year first class membership to the Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association.We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in Video Fest this year, as well as all our sponsors without whom this competition would not be possible. We look forward to welcoming you all back to Video Fest in November 2015!

    • YREA Does The #IceBucketChallenge
      By Chris in News & Updates 0
      YREA Manager and Founder Chris Jeffery has stepped up to do the #IceBucketChallenge along with a small group of members. The challenge, which involves pouring a bucket of ice and water over your head and donating to charity, has been sweeping through the media in recent weeks and the Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association have been getting involved.
      A number of members did the Ice Bucket Challenge at home for charities of their choice including the British Legion, Macmillan, and the MND Association. Chris can be seen in the video below doing his Ice Bucket Challenge, along with clips of our members doing theirs:
      In total, the YREA members in this video raised £49 for charity; £15 for the MND Association, £12 for the ALS Association, £12 for Macmillan Cancer Support, and £10 for the British Legion. Chris and the YREA donated £2 for every clip used in the above video to the MND Association, giving them another £20 making the total amount raised by our organisation £69.
      Thank you to every member of the YREA who has helped donate to all these worthy causes. For more information about other fundraising we've done, click here.