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Welcome to the Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association
By hosting competitions and events, providing socialising facilities, and creating educational resources, the Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association's mission is to provide the ultimate hangout for the nation's young trainspotting community. Over the past few years, the YREA has steadily grown in popularity and now boasts a community of over 500 young people. Want to be part of it? You can sign-up now for free! Already have an account? Login now to get started.
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Welcome Aboard

Hello and welcome to the new website for the Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association. We're currently finishing everything off, so please bare with us as some parts of this website are not yet complete. The missing sections will begin to appear over the next week or so, we just wanted to get the website and forums launched quickly so that you can continue to use them whilst we work on the rest of the site.

What's new?

The new YREA website has many new features to help improve your experience, and we hope you'll enjoy the benefits:
  • One account for everything: You can now use your YREA forum login for the shop too, and also to comment on articles on the website - so everything is now connected. Please login with the account you used for the forums - your password hasn't changed.
  • A new website design: Our new website design has been built with your comments in mind. We've made it easier to navigate with drop-down menus, and made the forum easier to read. You can also choose one of six railway backgrounds to use by clicking the paint brush icon, and your selection will be remembered for each visit!
  • Enhanced personal profile: Your personal profile has been updated so you can share more information about yourself and give people more ways to contact you outside of the YREA. You can also add a cover profile to give your profile a unique design. Click your name in the top right of the screen to update your profile now!
  • Share status updates: You can now share status updates - take a look at the ones on Chris' profile to see what we mean. To share an update now, click your name in the top right of the screen. You can also comment on other people's updates too!
  • Free live chat: The shoutbox has been replaced by a live chat area - you can see how many people are online as a red icon will appear when live chat is in use. Login now to join the conversation.
  • Contacting us is easier than ever: Now when you contact us, YREA volunteers will reply to you via the website so you can keep track of your support request. You will receive an email notification when a reply has been made.
What's still to come?

All these new features are great, but we haven't finished yet. There are still some sections of the new YREA which are unfinished and we have more new features to launch in the coming weeks including:
  • New First Class membership: We are completely changing the first class membership system - you'll now get even more benefits and privileges, and also have the ability to choose a railway charity to donate a percentage of your membership fee to.
  • A new range of products in the shop: We're currently working on an exciting new range of T-Shirts and merchandise for the YREA shop - we can't wait to show you them!
  • New articles section: The Learning Zone and our reviews are being combined into a new articles section, which will launch shortly. Its now easier than ever to submit articles via our website, and YREA volunteers can also promote forum posts to articles if you write reviews there.
  • A new homepage: The page you're currently viewing will be replaced by a new homepage shortly, we just wanted to make our exciting changes really noticeable!
Got some feedback?

If you have any feedback about our new website, good or bad, please contact us. You can send us a message privately here or you can share your comments publicly in The Suggestions Box forum.

These ads help to keep the YREA free. You can remove them with a First Class Membership. You can Advertise Here from just £5!